Business Tips Collection
100 "DONE FOR YOU" Social Media Images
You are READY to Build Your Community
You want clear direction from an expert that has BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!
You want to build your KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor with your community.
You want increased engagement that fuels more sales.
You want help getting from
But, You Get Overwhelmed by WHAT to post
Want something that is EASY PEASY and DONE FOR YOU?
At your fingertips are the RIGHT graphics at just the RIGHT time to take you from OVERWHELM to easily building your community online. We've done ALL of the heavy lifting FOR YOU. Each graphic is professionally and beautifully designed to help you get started building your KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor with your peeps TODAY!
Use GREAT Visuals
to help build your audience
Alexander Isley said that "Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more." With GREAT visuals, your tribe will want to engage with you more.
Use DONE FOR YOU Graphics
to save you TIME & Money
With Done For You Graphics you NEVER have to come up with WHAT to share again. Plus, you don't have to invest more time and money in graphics software packages that you INTENDED to use.
Use proven content
to expand your personal brand
Being able to personally brand the images helps to INCREASE your brand's REACH, INCREASE your brand's ENGAGEMENT, and ultimately INCREASE CONVERSIONS.
3 SIMPLE Steps to...
DONE FOR YOU Business Tips Content
Simply hover over the image, right click and SAVE IMAGE AS.
Add your own personal branding logo to the image.
GO SOCIAL by posting your images to each of your social media platforms.
Okay, Sounds Pretty Sa'weet!
What Does This Puppy Cost?
Your purchase covers the use of this Business Tips content for ONE business/person. 
Just $27!
Think about it...having GREAT visuals DONE FOR YOU that help you EXPAND your personal brand for ALL of your social media platforms.
Save yourself time and money and get you from WHERE YOU ARE to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!
How many graphics do I get?
You will receive 100 professionally designed images. Each image is pre-designed for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. 
What file format will the images be in?
The images will be pre-designed for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and will be in a .png format. 
What sizes are the graphics?
>>Facebook 1200x1200 px
>>Instagram 1200x1200 px
>>Pinterest 735x1102 px
>>Twitter 1024x512 px
Can I sell the images as my own?
Nope! The content is created with creative commons licensing. You do not own the copyright to the content. However, you may certainly add your own URL and/or your branding to the images. You are not allowed to copyright, trademark or sell the images as your own work.
Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately, no. Once you have received your membership login, you have direct access to the content. I do not offer a refund because someone could subscribe, download all the content and then ask for their money back. 
How long can I access the content?
Fitspiration Collection Social Media Graphics is a one time purchase complete with a login, etc. You will have access to the content until the cows come home! If at some point, you no longer wish to be on our list, you will still be able to utilize what you have previously downloaded. 
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